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The Fine Art of Medical Writing

Nancy Nordenson, MFA, MT(ASCP)

Right brain; left brain.

Creative; analytical. Contextual; precise. Interpretive; accurate.

Art; science.

What I Do

For more than 18 years I've had the opportunity to work on all kinds of interesting medical projects for clients who invite me to part of their project teams. With an undergraduate degree in biology/​​chemistry, postgraduate education and certification in laboratory medicine, and clinical experience in labs with test tubes and Petri dishes and as an educator and consultant, I bring a broad and deep knowledge of what can ail the human body and what medicine can do to help or heal. Iím not a doctor but as a medical writer, Iím part of the life-giving team. I choose assignments that have scientific integrity, aspire to aesthetic merit, and meet real needs. I am a member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American Medical Writers Association. I also have a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and believe that helps me bring a creative spin to my work.


I am no longer accepting new business.


Medical education programs of all kinds
Slide symposia
Monographs and case studies
Manuscript assistance
Books, book chapters
Program development
Consumer education


  • Over 18 years of meeting clients' medical/​health writing needs

  • Master of Fine Arts degree in nonfiction writing, accredited medical technologist, undergraduate degree in biology/​chemistry

  • Postgraduate certification in clinical laboratory medicine

  • Experienced in a variety of formats including monographs, case studies, executive summaries, slide kits, syllabi, live symposia, abstracts, product bulletins, books and book chapters, review articles, reference book articles, training manuals, web content, webcasts, podcasts/​video casts, needs assessments, patient information, and meeting reports

  • Specialties: multiple sclerosis and hepatitis; high level experience also in oncology, infectious diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV, osteoporosis, dermatology, hematology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular disease, women's health, laboratory medicine, and more; complete list of projects available upon request

  • Knowledge base that covers wide range of medical fields

  • Extensive CME/​CE/​CPE experience, including needs assessment, learning objectives, agenda creation, content development, and on-site execution

  • Medical technologist/​clinical laboratory scientist with extensive experience in a variety of laboratory medicine disciplines, including consulting and education

  • Skills include writing, content development, research, summary, organization, and editing, as well as on-site live meeting content coordination (national and international)

  • Experienced in writing for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other allied health professionals, attorneys, and lay public and health care consumers

  • Experienced in on-site meeting coverage and executive summation

  • Member of the American Medical Writers Association since 1996

  • Member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology

  • Experience with international projects

  • Photo by: Dani Werner

    "Art is skill in making; the good work is the skillful work, the work in which the appropriate means have been employed to effect the desired end."
    ĖEric Gill

    Kulmus, Johann Adam, 1689-1745. The human body and the library as sources of knowledge. Graphic courtesy of the National Library of Medicine's Images from the History of Medicine; public domain.

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