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The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God

My essay, "Things that Fall and Things that Stand" is part of this anthology edited by Leslie Leyland Fields and published by Cascade Press in 2010.

I'm honored to be included with such notable writers as Luci Shaw, Wendell Berry, Lauren Winner, Suzanne Wolfe, Robert Farrar Capon, Andre Dubus, Jeanne Murray Walker, and Gina Ochsner and other amazing contributors including Brian Volck, Alissa Herbaly Coons, Denise Frame Harlan, Chef Fred Raynaud, Hannah Faith Notess, Kelton Cobb, Jacqueline Rhodes, Deborah Leiter Nyabuti, Laura Good, Vinita Hampton Wright, Mary Kenagy Mitchell, Jeremy Clive Huggins, Stephen and Karen Baldwin, Ann Voskamp, Amy Frykholm, Thomas Maltman, and Margaret Hathaway. I'm sure I've missed someone.

In addition to essays, the book is also a collection of recipes, one from each contributor. Among the recipes: tangy, glazed pork roast; sweet raisin challah; Jacmel jambalaya; cilantro citrus Hollandaise; one-pot paprikas chicken; Swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce; chicken wat; and mac & cheese for grown-ups. My essay is about making my grandmother's Swedish pancakes and the aftermath of the fall of the Interstate 35 bridge here in Minneapolis in 2007.

Order here from Amazon. Also available for Kindle.